Drinking tea with my husband in Nice, France

Drinking tea with my husband in Nice, France

About This Blog

My name is Holly Clark and I am excited to share my story with you. I am a young professional, living in the beautiful Northwest with my husband Jeremy and black lab puppy, Olive. I'm on the constant pursuit to discover what it means to live life abundantly.

My husband and I decided to quit our jobs and travel to Europe two years ago. The trip inspired us to pursue our dreams and reminded me of the necessity of taking risks in order to move forward - therefore initiating the creation of this blog. 

Please pass the tea is inspired by my adventures and the community that is builtaround a hot cup of tea.

I have learned that life is not linear, (at least mine isn't) that there isn't anything we "should" do, and that true peace can only come from Christ. 

My hope in this blog is to write honestly. A good friend once told me that being idealistic is "dangerous and unproductive." Therefore, I hope to convey the truth about my life and thoughts in this blog. My life is full but it is not what people see on Instagram or Facebook (no-one's life is). There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes and most of it is filled with struggle, unmet expectations and a lot of joy. I believe that life should not be static. We need to be challenged and we need to move forward. 

So, come have a cup of tea with me and take part in what Christ is doing in Spokane, WA.  

I've written for:

 Cup of Cool Water's newsletter,

The Zharmae Publishing Press


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